How did JW Racing begin?

JW Racing was established in 2009 by Jonathan Wichgers. Jon has always had a strong passion for performance vehicles and had a dream to start a top quality performance workshop where things are done right. Coming from a very solid background in performance vehicles, Jon had a strong foundation to get things started. With over 10 years of experience working with performance vehicles and race cars, Jon was able to 'hit the road running'!

At the top of his game, Jon finished his apprenticeship in a performance shop and quickly progressed to motorsport, where he has represented teams as their #1 mechanic. Jon's passion for cars started from a young age where he raced junior dragsters. Starting as a one-man-band in 2009, JW Racing have come a long way with now five workshop mechanics, all with a passion for cars.

What was JW Racing's first project?

One of JW Racing's first and most significant projects was building our trademark LS1 twin turbo Torana. 3 years in the making, it is now a cover car and getting a lot of attention on the track! It is a showcase of the quality of work JW Racing produce. We love a bit of HP, and we build it to last - this is what has earned us a leading reputation.

What does JW Racing specialise in?

We support a full lifecycle service for your car. From basic logbook servicing and maintenance, to the serious performance upgrades, and all the way to race car track support. As a result, our customer base is diverse and so is our experience. From your Holden Barina to your McLaren race car - we do it all!

What services/products do we sell the most of?

We have become the leaders in forced induction, with turbos going out the door like hot cakes! We have all kinds of forced induction setups, anywhere from bolt-on kits through to full custom set ups. Offering custom fabrication, we are able to jig up almost any combination all in-house.

What are some recent projects we have been involved in?

Some recent projects getting a lot of attention on the streets are Brad's Senator [DR0001] and Bob's GTS [SINFUL]. Brad's Senator features and ASE T1000 turbo kit, 408 cast iron stroker and custom E85 system where as Bob's GTS receives a custom high mount twin turbo set up, a full built cast iron stroker engine and a 2-speed Powerglide. 

What are the future aims for JW Racing?

We want to continue doing what we are doing, and keep doing it well. We love cars as much as our customers do!

Performance Garage, Issue 19